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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. good evening,. this is bay areas news at 7:00. tens of thousands of people who own a personal computer. the fbi is about to unleash a temporary internet we are live with more on the malware and how to fix the infected computers. >> reporter: gasia if you have the malware you will have access to the internet but no web site. like having a working phone but not knowing the numbers to dial. in our overly connected lives getting on line is like breathing. we don't think about it. we just expect it. >> my life is basically based on the internet. >> so, what if you woke up monday morning and had no access to the internet? >> i probably would call my
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friends that know more about computers than i do and ask them to help me. >> reporter: at 12:0 1 eastern time, that is 9:00 p.m. sunday here, if your computer is infected with the malware you will not have access to the internet. they have been writing about the countdown. somewhat they are going to be tens of thousands of people in the united states who are unaware and wake up monday morning and try to go on-line and they will not get any wear. the fbi is putting down temporary servers to take out rogue searchers. they rerouted you. >> you might have been sent to a web site that looked like itunes but was not. by directing you to the look alike site they made money. >> it is called click fraud. they took $14 million unknown to people surfing the web. the fbi's web site has a link to it a site to let you know if your computer is infected. it takes just a minute to find out. >> if you are watching this
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show in time to fix it, take a few minutes to find out if you are infected and if so, deal with it. >> it looks like you don't have trouble? >> that is good. that is good to know. [ laughter ] >> yay! >> so, this this is the all clear page that you want to see. the countdown is on. you have 50 hours and counting from right now. reporting live in berkeley, ktvu channel 2 news. experts offer the following advice. keep a back up of important computer files. if you think your congressman pouter might be infected -- your computer might be infected check your bank statements and think about changing the pass word, especially stored pass words for computer applications -- passwords for computer applications. there are ways to protect yourself and your computer. now, developing news out of oakland where there is a crash involving a police car. chopper 2 was over the scene here just about an hour ago. a bronze sedan collided with
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the police car at 7th and clay street. the sedan was going the wrong way and collided almost head on. one man was put into an ambulance but it is not clear the extent of his injuries or how he was involved. oakland police tell us they are investigating this as an assault with a deadly weapon. the police are working a tough case tonight as they try to determine exactly how the 3- year-old son, of a police officer, was killed with a gun. preston orlando died after the gun went off yesterday evening at the family home on kenwood court. the police said they are determined the handgun involved was not a police-issued weapon but have not said who it was registered to. sthao we do believe it was an accident. however, we are conducting a full investigation. -- >> we do believe it was an accident. however, we are conducting a full investigation. the boy's father and homeowner is brandon orlando, a 9-year veteran of the police force.
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now, accident investigators are trying to determine how a car full of under age teenagers o an overnight joyride, crashed on a road and struck a couple of trees. it was on bay farm island neighborhood. all 6 teens were taken to the hospital. christian tells us the 15-year- old driver was the most severely injured. >> reporter: at 3:00 this afternoon, accident investigators were back on scene, measuring the skid marks. witnesses began calling 911 at about 1:30 a.m. >> a couple minutes later i heard people -- the kids yelling, screaming, you know, call 911. >> when the crews arrived on scene they found four 15-year- old boys and two girls. one 15, the other 13 years old. in video you will only see here you can see emergency crews using specialized equipment to cut the driver from the wreckage. >> after being taken from the car the 15-year-old driver was
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transported to highland hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> reporter: his five passengers were taken to area hospitals, not as seriously injured. investigators say speed was a factor in this crash. the parents of one of the teens says the car is his and taken without his knowledge. he says the closed containers of the beer at the time of the car at the time of the crash are his as well. >> word went quickly. >> the parents are very concerned about this. wondering how in the world did these kid get in this car, late at night with mom and dad maybe home, maybe not home? >> a lot of kids on twitter follow breaking news and stuff. so, they saw, they heard about the accident and then some of my friends were telling me that some of the names were released on twitter. >> if you take a look at the orange dots here they mark the path the car took as it went up the curb and took out both trees in this area. we learned that one of the teens in that crash has been
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released from the hospital. san francisco prosecutors revealed new evidence that they say proves four people conspired to kill a pimp. they said today that fbi surveillance video shows alfonzo williams meeting in san francisco. he says one of them removed a weapon from a car. the girl's mother, lopez, faces murder charges in the death of 22-year-old calvin stphaoed. the parents allegedly blamed him for luring their 17-year- old daughter into prostitution. santa cruz county law officers are on the lookout for an escaped inmate. the sheriff's office says 28- year-old richard norman was cleaning the cafeteria of the jail near watsonville last night. the officials say he blocked the door so it would not lock and then later escaped through a food service opening. he was awaiting trial on robbery and carjacking charges. the new jobs numbers
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released today show hiring was lukewarm last month as the unemployment rate remains unchanged. the economy add 80,000 jobs in june. that is barely up from 77,000 add in may. the lack of new jobs kept the rate at 8.2%. the lack luster job growth add to fears the recovery is waning. more than 125,000 jobs are typically needed to be add to bring the unemployment rate down. that news set wall street lower. all of indexes dropped by 1%. the dow jones lost 124 points, nasdaq closed 38 points lower. as soon as today's jobs report came out, so did a new political attack ad. >> america's jobless rate is still too high. barack obama has lots of excuses for the bad economy. >> winds coming from europe. >> cross roads gps released the spot a mere 79 minutes after the unemployment report was made public. the ad is the first in a $25
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million effort the group is launching in 9 swing states. on television starting on tuesday. cross roads gps is a advocacy group. president barack obama was quick to defend his record. >> we learned this morning that our businesses created 84,000 new jobs last month. and that, overall, means that businesses have created 4.4 million new jobs over the past 28 months. >> he made these comments during a campaign stop. he told the audience with 350 supporters they can not be satissified that the economy has made progress on his watch. >> the president's policies have clearly not been successful. in reigniting this economy, in putting people back to work, in opening up manufacturing plants across the country. >> gop presidential candidate, roomy flee provided an entirely different spin to the jobless numbers. his comments came during a campaign stop in new hampshire. he called the new numbers high
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and another kick in the gut to middle class families. well, a vote in sacramento late this afternoon have saved high speed rail in californiauting the project firmly on track. the state senate voted 21 to 16. the along party lines to approve a critical line of funding. they passed the deal yesterday. now, the governor supports it and promising to sign it. our consumer editor found people in san francisco also seem incollide to support the expensive project. >> work is moving full speed ahead on san francisco's massive transbay terminal project. the most ambitious for transportation in decades. >> the transbay terminal will be the grand central station of san francisco. >> how important will high speed rail be to the project stphebgt well, take a look over here. the master plan calls for
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transportation. including high speed rail. >> they are going to high speed rail and amtrak and caltrans and all of the buses through it. it will be a lot stronger with high speed rail. >> reporter: at the station folks we met say it is good for many reasons. >> more convenient. if it is a high speed rail they can take the rail all of the way there. >> a lot of people would take it. i think the train is a different experience. you know, i know that from visiting my relatives in china a lot of people prefer taking the train vs air or driving. >> i would like to catch up with a lot of other countries that have it. i think it would be great for people who live in the state of california to get around faster and i think it would be good for the economy. >> i think it is important for all of the citizens to look up to the goff skp-plt see them striving for great things so that we can do the same. >> big ideas. >> yes. they produce big out comes for sure. >> and make no mistake. high speed rail has many enemies. meaning, lawsuits are likely to
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come. consumer editor, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, the bill rises to the state to sell $4.5 billion in bonds for the stretch in high speed rail in the valley. republican state lawmakers voted against the measure call it a train wreck. >> they are going to see you cut education. they are going to see that you cut healthy families, but they are going to see that you found money for this monumental, this colossal, this project, spending money that we simply don't have. >> concord senator have expressed concerns about how the project is being managed and where future funding will come from. take note here, agency implementing a planned service disruption as it works on the track project. from now until monday at 5:00
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a.m. the end judis service will be replaced by shuttle buses. parts of the church and 22 lines will be rerouted. the construction work is scheduled for three more weekends this summer. >> he loves being out this. competing against these california riders. he died dog what he loved to do. >> a jockeyy dies after a race at the county fair. how friends and family remembered him today. >> and i felt like a lot of teeth on my leg. that is all i felt. >> plus, we speak exclusively to a teen bitten by a shark while on vacation in hawaii. the surprising reaction just after it happened. >> lots of sunshine across most of the bay area right now. coming up, the temperature change that you can expect for your weekend and the hottest day in our extended forecast.
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. crews fighting a wildfire are reporting progress tonight. they say the fire has burned 1200 acres on redding but it is now about 40% contained. at least 100 people have been evacuated. two out buildings destroyed and five homes suffered minor damage. now, to the south bay. three burglaries in a catholic church in 1 1/2 weeks. the thieves took 25,000 worth of musical instruments and equipment from our lady of graduate guatemala church. it took six years for them to come up with the money. >> we are really struggling to make ends meet. there is not money available to get these instruments replaced. >> the church serves a low
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income community. it put a donation box under a picture of saint cecelia for people who want to help. >> today, horse racing resumed at the county pair following a moment of silence to pay tribute to a jockey killed yesterday. we have more on the man who died and the mood at the racetrack today. >> reporter: horses that hit the track just like they do every day during the fair. but, today, it was no normal day. >> this kid was trying to get rolling. for something like this, something freak like this to happen it is the worst. >> yesterday, the jockey died in the last race riding the number 8 gray horse when he clipped another horse's heels. he fell over his horse's head on to the track and was trampled. >> in this case there was nothing that was going to save him because he hit the ground going 35, 40 miles, the trauma was too grate. >> reporter: a former jockey says the mood is heavy among
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his fellow athletes. >> a wake up call. knowing it could happen to them at any time. >> i don't think there is a guy out there that does not know the risks involved when they get on the back of the horses. the weight of the horses is 10 times that of the jockeys, at least. >> dennis miller was at the race and heard rider down. he was not injured and crossed alone. he says he was quiet. hard working and polite. >> he loves being out there. loves competing against the california riders, you know, he totally enjoyed it. he died doing what he loved to do. >> he was from mexico but lived in southern california with his uncle. an autopsy is being done in the california horse racing board launched an investigation. now, today they say the races will go on. post time was at 1:59 today and there will be a memorial race on sunday. ktvu channel 2 news. there are new developments tonight in the ethic's probe of
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san francisco sheriff. his attorney says he wants former city supervisor to testify before the ethics commission about a statement that he was asked to tell him that he could have a new job if he resigned as sheriff. the mayor told the ethic's commission last week that he did not ask anyone to make such an offer. today, san francisco district attorney said that he wants the commission to complete its investigation. >> at this point all we have is newspaper reports and we have hear say information that has now been subjected to cross examination. certainly it is not testimony, sworn testimony. >> the mayor's office strongly denies allegations of perjury. a 16-year-old livermore girl who is recovering from a shark bite while on vacation in maui spoke exclusively with ktvu today. >> did not see anything. never saw a shark. nobody did. i saw a lot of teeth on my leg. that is all i felt. >> it happened last week.
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relaxing with his family. two or three feet of water on the beach. experts told the family it was a 4-5 foot long shark that sank its teeth just above the left ankle. sage says she was scare bud that the stitches hurt more than the bite. >> the police in richmond say they are cracking down on people who use their cell phones while driving. officers started stepping up enforcement this month against drivers who text or fail to use a hand's free device. it is in conjuction of a national campaign with the slogan one text or call could wreck it all. scott peterson filed an automatic appeal of his death sentence. peterson was convicted in 2004 of killing his wife, laciy, and their unborn -- lacy and their unborn son. the attorney says publicity and rulings and other mistakes deprived him of a fair trial. the appeal could take months, even years to be resolved. it it is looking more and -- it is looking more and more
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likely that yahoo's interim ceo will get the job permanently. jason keiler has declined to be considered for the leadership position at yahoo. levenson assumed the ceo duties on may 13th when scott thompson stepped down. thompson had the job less than six months before it was revealed he falsified his education on his company bio. facebook users can expect to see ads in their mobile seed. the wall street is reporting the network is set to launch a new feature that would place targeted ads in news feeds based on what app you use. sources tell the journal that facebook rolls it out to developers and advertisers later this month. the company declined to comment on the report. a reminder here you can watch bay area news at is 7:00 and all of ktvu's newscast even when you are away from the tv. download the ktvu app on your
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rover is growing. life on mars, if it exists, might lie just beneath the planet's surface. and it may be able to detect it. the study lifts ideal locations and depth to search for the molecules that could be a road map for what is due to land on the red planet august 5th. here in the bay area we are feeling the warm up that mark tomayo talked about yesterday. >> yes, that is right. and we will have a few more 90s. parts in the bay area this weekend. live storm tracker 2. big storms outside. and also to the south and to the westmont ray bay, we could have a few passes of overcast developing right around the bay. it will increase in coverage if we head into early side morning. as far as temperatures today. temperatures today, inland, back up a few neighborhoods back up into the 90s. fairfield, antioch, san francisco topped out at 65
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degrees. forecast headlines for tonight. we do have mostly clear skies. patchy coastal fog developing. weekend, morning fog for the coast. hot numbers inland and for monday and tuesday next week, still talking about warmer numbers out there. first thing for your saturday morning. coastal fog and the temperatures in the upper 40s to the low to middle 50s. oakland, 53 degrees. san jose at 54. area high pressure heating up parts of the country. here is a look at some of the current inspects, right now, 96 degrees in st. louis. showing you the wider perspective because this area of high pressure is moving out towards the west. and this will be responsible for a warm up as we head into the weekend. that means inland neighborhoods on either side, 90 degrees right around the coast, dense morning fog temperatures in the middle 60s. not too much change expected for sunday. most areas inland around night. here is the forecast. dense fog, first thing tomorrow
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morning. watch out, right around highway 1 for saturday morning. cheering back to near the shoreline. and, that orange or the red it links up to the 90s. most areas coming up a few degrees from today's highs. forecast highs, oakland tops out 75. livermore, 90, san jose in the middle 80s. san francisco, forecast high right around 69. hook ahead your five-day forecast, warm and hot pattern sticks around for the weekend. warmer for -- for next week, gasia? >> thank you, mark. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we talk to bay area pilots as the faa is looking into two incidents where a laser pointer was shined into the cockpit of a passenger
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plane. >> have a good night
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